Grupo Nucel


The equipment, acquired by the NUCEL group over several decades, was installed in the NUCEL Building of 2600m², however, from June/2021, was allocated to four different locations, which are duly explained alongside the identification of the same and the persons to be contacted for scheduling of use:

– DTAPEP (Technical Directorate for Support to Teaching and Research) of the USP Medical School)
– CTO (Centro de Investigação Tranaslacional em Oncologia – LIM-24) do ICESP (Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo)
– IQ-USP (Institute of Chemistry, USP, Department of Biochemistry)
– FMVZ (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, Department of Anatomy)

The BD FACSAria II is new generation bench top high-speed flow cytometric cell sorter. BD FACSAria II has a fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell, which allows achieving superior fluorescence sensitivity. The light source system of the BD FACSAria II consists of a 488 nm blue solid state laser, a 635 nm red laser, and a 405 nm violet laser and can collect two different scatter signals in combination with up to 12 fluorescence channels. BD FACSAria II delivers high-speed multicolor sorting with digital acquisition rates of up to 20,000 events/second. Cells can be sorted into 5 or 15ml tubes or into various plates as single or multiple cells/well or onto microscope slides for analysis. In addition, the sorters are capable of simultaneous 4-way sorting. The FACS Aria II is equipped with an Aerosol Management System that evacuates any aerosols from the sort chamber providing an additional level of safety for the operator and has a refrigeration system that allows cooling of the sort sample as well as the sort collection tubes.

The NanoDrop ND-1000 is a spectrum spectrophotometer (220-750nm) that quantifies 1ul samples with high productivity and accuracy. It has sample retention technology, which eliminates the need to contain the sample and allows quick cleaning. It enables the quantification of highly concentrated samples.

Typhoon Trio is a scanner from GE Healthcare that has 3 internal lasers: blue (488nm), green (532nm) and red (633nm). It is a document scanner that produces good quality and high sensitivity digital images from fluorescent, luminescent or radioactive samples. Agarose or polyacrylamide gels, nitrocellulose membranes with DNA, RNA or protein samples can be used. The equipment has an image editing software.

The ImageQuant is GE Healthcare’s exceptionally sensitive photo documentation equipment for quantifying chemiluminescent biomolecules and capturing multi-fluorescent UV signals. Ideal for photo documenting digital images of agarose gels, polyacrylamide gels and chemiluminescent samples.

With the SpectraMax Paradigm Multi-Mode Detection Platform it is possible to quickly configure different experiments according to the available detection platform (TUNE MultiMode). The equipment available here allows the following tests: determination of cell viability and proliferation, cytotoxicity, RNA/DNA quantification, ELISA, enzymatic Kinetics, immunoassay, among others.

Ideal for medium and high yield real-time PCR reactions. It has interchangeable blocks of 96 wells, 96 fast wells and 384 wells.

Liquid chromatography equipment used for protein analysis and purification. It has a liquid chromatography column with different packing/resin possibilities, such as ion exchange, gel filtration, hydrophobic interaction and affinity. It is equipped with a fractions collector and UV absorption detector at 280 nm, UPC-900. It provides pH, conductivity and concentration gradient measurements.