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08/19/2013 – Brasileiros Magazine:

Hope for diabetes: USP scientists study the transplantation of these micro-organs involved in a protection made with biomaterial. Although it is still too early to say that type 1 diabetics will definitely dispense with insulin doses, there are great expectations. Read the article here

03/08/2013 – Estadão Radio

On Friday March 8, Professor Mari Sovagar gave a special interview to Estadão Radio ( at 2pm, in celebration of International Women’s Day. The interview was given from the Casa das Rosas in São Paulo, and in it the teacher explained with mastery to the big audience about research with stem cells, pancreatic islets, andneoplasms. Listen to the interview bellow:

06/23/2008 – Folha de S. Paulo:

USP produces protein for bone recovery: The first biopharmaceutical for bone replacement totally synthesized in Brazil will be on the market in three years, says the group. After application of the new molecule, it is the patient’s own adult stem cells that promote the growth of bone tissue. Access the full article here!

04/26/2008 – Estadão:

USP creates technique for transgenic coagulant: A research project by Chemistry Institute of the University of São Paulo (USP) could make Brazil self-sufficient in the production of Factor 8, a blood product for the treatment of hemophilia A, the most severe type of the disease. The product is a coagulant obtained from human plasma and used to contain bleeding in these patients. Read the full article here!