Grupo Nucel

Headquarter Laboratory

Original lab photos of NUCEL Group.

Original lab

The NUCEL Group was primarily incorporated into USP Chemistry Institute (IQ – USP).

Historical lab

As of December 20, 2012, the NUCEL Building was incorporated into the USP Medical School, through an agreement signed between the Directors of this University and the Chemistry Institute, with the consent of the Research Dean.

Historical photos of NUCEL Building.

The construction of NUCEL Building

The first resources for the construction of the NUCEL Building came from FINEP (first Edict of Cell Therapy, launched in 2003, with funding from 2004. Complementary resources were granted by FINEP through the Edital Pró-INFRA of 2007, which were only deposited in 2011, which delayed the construction of NUCEL Building. In 2008, FINEP launched the Second Edital for Cell Therapy (36/2008) in an unprecedented partnership with BNDES. With this significant support from BNDES, the construction of NUCEL Building could be continued in 2011 for the construction of the about 2.200 m² building, equipped with central air conditioning, generator and operation units for larger multi-user equipment, including the flow cytometer (FACSAria II).

The NUCEL Group